Onjanee Brand & Website design


African Gifts Handmade Just for You

"Onjanee fuses the richness of the AFRICAN diaspora with the West. Our various products are conducive to modern-day living and encourages the empowerment of women."


Create a brand & website that empowers women with luxury artisanal goods & includes a shop dedicated specifically to supporting domestic violence survivors.

The inspiration


Mood Board

The Logo

The client was inspired to name her business after her daughter Sonjanee. However, she wanted the logo to include a discreet “S” as a quiet tribute to her daughter making the name appear as Onjanee. 

The Website

Charity Shop

Aside from the regular shop of luxury hand-made home goods, the website had to include a shop that would directly support the charitable mission to help men, women, and children that are in need of help. The Charitable Giving shop page also gives visitors a sneak peak into the lives of the African Artisans.

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